Pinterest wins

This weekend we made an hour long trip to go and visit my nephew who was celebrating his 6th birthday. While we were there, we stopped in at a famous fruit and vegetable stand to pick up fresh Ontario strawberries. I don’t usually get excited about fruit but fresh Ontario strawberries picked from the field get me excited.  

We polished off one container yesterday and today I made plans to look up a new recipe on Pinterest for a strawberry dish. I settled on a strawberry crumble which was super easy to make and came out of the pan without falling apart. I’ll include a link at the end for the recipe. 

For dinner I wanted to make a fresh summer chicken dish. Once again I turned to Pinterest for inspiration and ended up making Hawaiian chicken kebabs. These were also very easy to make and were full of flavor. I’m a huge fan of grilled pineapple so this dish suited me just fine. Unfortunately it didn’t really suit my daughter who only ended up eating the chicken, one pepper and a bunch of rice. Can’t win them all I guess. This would be a great dish to prep ahead of time and just stick on the grill when you get home. 

I’ve had some misadventures with Pinterest recipes but today was a complete win. Here are the recipes!

Hawaiian chicken kebabs
Strawberry crumble bars

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