In My Eyes

Today is my father’s 65th Birthday. Sixty-five. 65. The big 6-5. A senior citizen. Whoa, hold up, how is this even possible? I’m sure he’s asking himself the same question as he pops his vitamins and gets ready to go to bed at 9 sharp. Happy Birthday Dad. This post is for you. I see … More In My Eyes

Duck duck goose

Yup, that’s a lot of dead ducks and geese. They were not killed for sport but to put food on ours and other hunters tables. I had never eaten duck or goose until I met Darryl (minus that one time in chef training school). Actually, I hadnt eaten a lot of things until I met … More Duck duck goose

Winter Blahs

oh the weather outside is frightful…. Living in Ontario Canada means we have to put up with all four seasons. Sometimes Mother Nature even lets us have all four seasons in a week. One day it’s sweaters and running shoes, and the next is winter jackets and boots. Currently it is windy, cold and snowy … More Winter Blahs

My Remembrance. 

November 11th. As a child I remember Remembrance Day as the day I wore a poppy, sat through a somber school assembly, read poems and stood quietly while a song played on the loud speaker. While I vaguely grasped the significance of the day, my understanding and personal connection wouldn’t occur until much later in … More My Remembrance. 

The end of summer 

It’s been a while since I have blogged.  To be honest, life has been pretty busy and what time remains at the end of the day has been spent curled up and reading.  Something pretty big happened a few weeks ago.  We adopted a black lab named Bella. She’s eleven months old, a runt, and … More The end of summer 

The Day Nemo Died

It’s been a rather sad day here in our house. Before leaving for work, I went to feed our fish Nemo, and found him dead. Not that there is a good time for these things to happen, but it could have been better timing. The child that owns that fish was still sleeping and I … More The Day Nemo Died

Father’s Day

I have his fingers. I have his extremely white legs that don’t tan. I have his love of music. I have his passion for cooking. I have his need to go camping. I have his desire to hold onto the past like a rare treasure. And he has my heart.  He is the man that … More Father’s Day