Ex husbands and hair dos

Today I had my hair coloured and cut for the second time by a very talented hairdresser who I’ll call B. She spends a great deal of time making sure she has the perfect colours mixed and places the foils like her life depended on it. She and I chat about my daughter and about life and work stuff. We laugh, take pictures, and have fun. Oh, I forgot to mention, she’s my ex husbands girlfriend.


What can I say? She is killer at her profession and she’s an amazing step mom to my daughter. Why must there be drama?

After having my hair done, we went out for dinner with my daughter and my ex. We laughed, we ate, we all drank a drink called a Unicorn lemonade because we thought it was hilarious, and we got along. My daughter sat there with her parents and had a great time. Not once would she have worried about whose side to be on, or if Mom and Dad were going to fight. Or if Mom and the girlfriend were going to get snarky with each other.

I’m proud of us for making this work. Years ago, when we first split, it was messy and awful. There will always be some hard feelings, some wounds that will never totally heal; but I can live with that. I can make the best of this for myself and for our daughter. Welcoming this other wonderful woman into my daughters life wasn’t really even a decision but more a natural progression of things. One I’m happy with.

I wish all split families could have what we have. I know it isn’t always possible due to some situations but maybe some families could be like ours. If you hold onto grudges your hands won’t be open to blessings….

Or in my case, really awesome hair.

3 thoughts on “Ex husbands and hair dos

  1. Love this story,I know B and she is a fenominal HairStylist and person.I’m so glad for your positive experiance,and glad for your little Girl haveing such awesome parents.


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