Father’s Day

I have his fingers. I have his extremely white legs that don’t tan. I have his love of music. I have his passion for cooking. I have his need to go camping. I have his desire to hold onto the past like a rare treasure. And he has my heart. 

He is the man that all are measured against. He is insightful. He is loving. He is in my most cherished memories. He is my dad. 

You have loved me through all my best and worst moments. You have built me up. You have made me strong. You have knocked me off my high horse with four words…”I’m disappointed in you”.

You have gently guided. You have been there when I’ve needed you most and when I’ve managed it all on my own. You’ve been there to praise. You’ve been there to congratulate. And you’ve been there to ask me what the heck I was thinking. 

Thank you for being present. Thank you for loving mom. Thank you for being her friend and partner so you could parent together. Thank you for hugging me and even holding my hand though I’m a grown woman. Thank you for the sacrifices you made so I could have the best life possible. Thank you for you. 

Happy Father’s Day Dad

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