How time flies…

My plan was to try and blog every couple of days. It’s been much longer than a few days and I really wish I had a good excuse for not sticking to the plan.  I’m great at coming up with excuses, so here are a few.

  • It’s really cold and dark in our basement where the computer is.  I don’t like going to the basement and thus cannot possibly blog.
  • The Blacklist.  My departure from blogging coincides with me subscribing to Shomi to watch The Blacklist. Scratch that…binge watch The Blacklist. Two seasons with 22 episodes each means I have not only neglected blogging but just about everything else as well.  Great show! Sadly season 3 is not available on Shomi and so now I’m just left to blog about The Blacklist instead of watching it.
  • I haven’t cooked or baked anything of interest lately.  I guess I could blog about how I hate packing school lunches but really I’d just be whining, and you don’t need to listen to me whine.
  • I am debating on how personal I want to make this blog. My original intent was not to have a diary online for the world to read, but I feel that by maybe sharing more about myself that you all would get a sense of who I am and could maybe relate to me better. I’m still thinking on that.
  • Life.  Yeah I have one, and sometimes it leaves me feeling pretty tired by the end of the day. Combine that with the cold basement and uncertainty about how personal to make this blog and I’ve just put off writing.

So how am I writing this blog right now you ask? Did I brave the basement? No.  I’m trying to type on my iPad while laying in bed.

This brings me to what I wanted to talk about.  Time flies.  You know how Facebook shows you posts from the past which you can then reshare? Mine the other day was from 7 years ago when I was happily 21 weeks pregnant with a cute little belly and a beautiful glow.  It was the most wonderful memory.  I can’t believe that it is 7 years later and I have this vivacious 6 year old daughter.  A daughter who is quickly growing up before my eyes.  A daughter who was in her first speech competition and tried downhill skiing only a few days ago. I think to myself how quickly it is all happening and I wish it could slow down. Then she does something to remind me that she is still my little girl.  Tonight she asked me to sing her bedtime song that we haven’t sung in ages and when I was done she said “Mommy I love you. I wish I could spend every moment with you.”  I’m hanging on tightly to these moments because before you know it they will be gone.  I won’t be “mommy” any longer and she won’t want me to sing her a bedtime song. It all goes so quickly.

Today while I was at work, a coworker mentioned that a local man who had recently retired dropped dead of a heart attack.  Just like that…gone.  One minute you are here and making plans for the weekend and the next, your family is planning your funeral.  I guess what I am getting at is that you have to make every moment count because either it is going to go by quickly or it could be your last. It’s all horribly sad and morbid but that’s where my brain is at today.

Love your kids. Call your parents. Mend relationships. And most of all, don’t take the time you’re given for granted.

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