Oh boy, that doesn’t look right. 

I need to set the stage a little for this story. Goose has a flare for theatrics. She’s a wee bit dramatic. The smallest scrape or bump to the head can result in alligator tears and days of her saying it still hurts. So when she came to me with her latest ailment I took … More Oh boy, that doesn’t look right. 

Chewbacca Mom

Have you seen the Chewbacca mom video that has gone viral? If you haven’t, I suggest you stop reading this and check it out.  Chewbacca mom YouTube video Why? Because I want to laugh like that. I want to be so frigging excited about something that I laugh my ass off. I want  to be … More Chewbacca Mom

Ahhhh kids sports

We seem to not have seasons based on weather anymore. Our seasons are hockey (fall and winter) and baseball and soccer (spring and summer). Not to mention swimming lessons, gymnastics and piano. Our kids are active, which means school work is hastily done, meals are on the run, and scheduling and shuttling kids is never … More Ahhhh kids sports

Rhubarb dream bars

As mentioned earlier, I made rhubarb dream bars today. They turned out fantastic. I think you could cut some of the sugar out of the mix and they would still taste great. Dress them up with some sifted confectioners sugar on top and it’s a pretty classy dessert. A certain someone recommended we serve it … More Rhubarb dream bars

I draw the line at flossing. I’m a grown woman and I do what I want. 

Oh, don’t try to tell me that you all floss. Don’t tell me that you haven’t tried just flossing for a few days before a dentist appointment and watched your gums bleed like you’ve just murdered someone…in your mouth. Please stop bleeding, I need to go to work.  I’ll make you a deal gums, you … More I draw the line at flossing. I’m a grown woman and I do what I want.