Camp kids

A hard top tent trailer, five people, two nights and one chipmunk. We are only a half hour away from home but it feels a world away. The five of us are snug in the tent trailer and at times I wish I had a different trailer but I’m glad we have this time together. 

The kids don’t seem to mind that we don’t have bathroom or a tv or any other electronics. They are happy to colour and bike and go to the park. We eat outside and smell like campfire. Goose has grass in her hair and the boys are covered in a layer of dust. A trip to the beach for a walk turned into the kids taking a cold dip. I’m glad I had my phone to snap a few pictures of them. 

I hope they remember these times the same way I did as a kid. I hope they appreciate nature and the outdoors as well as time spent together as a family. I’m tired and full of happiness. Tomorrow we go home and I’ll have loads of laundry to do, three kids to clean up, homework to do and lunches to pack. My every day reality makes me appreciate this time so much!

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