Oh boy, that doesn’t look right. 

I need to set the stage a little for this story. Goose has a flare for theatrics. She’s a wee bit dramatic. The smallest scrape or bump to the head can result in alligator tears and days of her saying it still hurts. So when she came to me with her latest ailment I took it with a grain of salt. 

That brings us to this morning. Abby came into my bedroom and declared her eye felt funny. She had a scrape on her right eye from a rock and so I said that it must still be healing. But she then proceeded to rub her other eye. It was dark in the room and I was mildly perturbed that she had come into my room early on a Sunday. I sighed and told her to turn the light on, half expecting to see just a normal sleepy child whining about nothing. 

Oh boy, was I wrong. Her face was red and swollen. Her eyes puffed right out. Oh dear lord, what happened?!  From what I can figure, she had a reaction to some new sunscreen that I purchased and didn’t do any research on.  Out comes the Benadryl! The swelling is going down slowly and she seems to be coping well enough. She did say it is the “WORST DAY EVER!” and that she definitely can’t have school pictures taken (umm…I’m sure it’ll go down by September Goose), but otherwise is in good spirits. 

Lesson learned…do some research on sunscreen before buying the stuff on the end of the shelf that is on sale. And maybe do a spot test before applying it all over your kid!

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