A pinch of nostalgia in late night baking

7:50pm and I have the urge to bake almond pound cake. The recipe is my mother’s and everything about baking almond cake makes me think of her. From the smell of almond extract to licking out the bowl-it has my mother’s kitchen written all over it. But my biggest memory and smile comes at the … More A pinch of nostalgia in late night baking

Pinterest wins

This weekend we made an hour long trip to go and visit my nephew who was celebrating his 6th birthday. While we were there, we stopped in at a famous fruit and vegetable stand to pick up fresh Ontario strawberries. I don’t usually get excited about fruit but fresh Ontario strawberries picked from the field … More Pinterest wins

Rhubarb dream bars

As mentioned earlier, I made rhubarb dream bars today. They turned out fantastic. I think you could cut some of the sugar out of the mix and they would still taste great. Dress them up with some sifted confectioners sugar on top and it’s a pretty classy dessert. A certain someone recommended we serve it … More Rhubarb dream bars

No good terrible day

To say the Pinterest recipe failed would be an understatement. To say the Tenderflake recipe failed would be an understatement. To say I have felt under the weather all day and shouldn’t be baking is an understatement.  Sigh…grumble…. I wanted to make a coconut cream pie for D’s birthday. He likes pie and I’m pretty … More No good terrible day

Baking on Sunday

During the week we try our best to just get dinner on the table by 6pm for the kids. Creativity in meals is put to the wayside during the week while we just opt to try and make something quick, nutritious and a something the kids will eat. I look forward to the weekend when … More Baking on Sunday

Honeycomb Toffee

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of baking and cooking recipes on Facebook that include a short video on how easy it is to whip the  dish up. I’m sure you’ve seen these videos too. I have saved a bunch of these videos and the other day I finally got around to making one of … More Honeycomb Toffee

Apple Rhubarb Crisp

Today I was rooting through my freezer trying to figure out what to make for dinner when I stumbled on some bags of rhubarb that I had cut up this past summer.  Normally, I would make muffins out of them but I decided instead for a dessert dish.  I originally was just going to make … More Apple Rhubarb Crisp