Baking bread to cure the blues

I’ve been in a funk all day. It’s the kind of funk that makes you wander around the house trying to figure out what the hell to do with yourself.  I feel like one big blah.  I love to bake bread and I thought it may help me find my smile again.  The simple process of kneading dough seems to help my mindset.    We are having lasagna tonight so I opted for an Italian bread.  It’s a recipe I’ve never tried, and I found that I had to add a lot more flour to the mix.  Actually I’ve found I  need to do this with a lot of the bread recipes.  Once the Italian loaf was rising I decided I wasn’t quite ready to stop making bread.  I found a recipe for cinnamon swirl bread and gave it a try.  That loaf is in the oven while I type.   This recipe was a little different because it didn’t require the use of my mixer. I mixed this dough up by hand and kneeled it for about ten minutes which was also a nice way to relieve stress.

Here are the links to the recipes I used.  I haven’t actually tried the bread yet but I will be sure to let you all know how they taste!

Italian bread

Cinnamon swirl bread


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