Feeding my soul

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, I would sit in front of my radio and record songs on tapes. I would sit patiently, and try to cut out the advertisements before they ended up in my recordings. Back when AM640 would play The Top 40 countdown and was the soundtrack to my youth. Back when I somehow knew that music fed my soul. Back when there was an A side and a B side, and only so much tape to make the perfect mix. It makes me wonder, in this world that seems so limitless, if more care would be taken if we realized we only had so much time and space to fill it. The useless clutter would never make it on my life’s mix tape. That’s a thought for another blog post though. 

I forgot what music meant to me. I forgot what it does for my soul. The reflection in brings, the calmness it creates, and the places it takes me to. Besides listening to the radio in the car, music has been very absent from my life for years….until recently. I had the pleasure of working beside a young man last week who, like my younger self, has a love for music. He had his phone and his Bluetooth speaker set up at my work station and for a few hours we listened to some of our favourite artists. For a few hours we introduced each other to artists we had never listened to, and for those few hours I was the person I had been years ago. I physically felt my soul sighing with relief and saying thank you. This coworker also introduced me to Spotify. I know, I know, I’ve been living under a rock apparently for not knowing much about Spotify.  If you are like me and have been living under a rock, Spotify is pretty much the music encyclopedia for $10 a month. Curated playlists, albums, podcasts  and so much more. It opens the doors to artists you know and love and to artists you never knew about and can fall in love with.   I am in love with Spotify. My soul is being fed with old classics, comforting familiar tunes, and so many new songs and artists. This is one limitless mix tape I can get behind.  

It’s Saturday morning and I’m listening to music. What are you doing to feed your soul today?

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