Tooth Fairy Trouble

It all started with a tooth.  Two teeth to be exact. Both of her front top teeth had been loose since before Christmas and it was only a matter of time before they fell out.  A week ago she lost her top left baby tooth at a birthday party.  I had been bugging her to pull it out beforehand but she is a bit of a wimp and wouldn’t yank it out.  After that ordeal, her other tooth became very wiggly and once again I was nagging her constantly to pull it out.  She’s stubborn like her mom and wouldn’t pull it out.  She would gently wiggle it and irritate the living daylights out of me that she wouldn’t just YANK IT OUT!

Here comes the bad mommy moment. You ready?  First off, I wrote a letter from the “Tooth Fairy” asking her to pull her tooth out because it is getting quite cold out and her fairy wings could freeze.  I think it’s bad enough that we keep the charade going about the Easter Bunny and Santa, and now I’ve dragged the Tooth Fairy into the mess.  Then, after having a few sweet moments reading to her before bed, I pounced on her like a wrestler, pinned her down, stuck my fingers in her mouth and yanked that sucker out.  Seriously, it was hanging by a thread.  I was doing her a favour.  I really didn’t want her swallowing it.  She, of course, for whatever reason was happy that the offending tooth had vacated her mouth.  She wandered off to the bathroom to have a look and on the way back began to WAIL!  Apparently the inside of her mouth felt funny.  It didn’t hurt though, and she wasn’t mad that I had sat on her.  She had bitten me in the process and she thought that was funny.

A quick trip into her room while she was sleeping and the Tooth Fairy left her 2 bucks for her troubles.

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