Eating humans is illegal

Today I picked up Goose’s best friend and headed out for an afternoon full of ice cream, fries at the beach, playing in the sand and lots of laughing. These two girls crack me up. If you ever want to hear an interesting conversation, put some chatty girls in a vehicle for 20 minutes. 

Goose – Do you know what’s illegal?

BFF – Eating people

Goose – Yup, that is definitely not allowed. 

….a minute later….

Goose – You know why I don’t like Justin Beaver 

Me – pretty sure I snorted “Goose it’s Justin Beiber. Why don’t you like him?

Goose – Because he smokes. It’s gross

BFF – Yeah I don’t like smokers. Can I tell you something illegal my dad did?

Goose – Ya!!!

BFF – He opened his car door while driving!!!! WHILE DRIVING!!!!! That is sooooo illegal. But I didn’t tell you guys. 

Me – Your secret may not be safe with me haha. 

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