A pinch of nostalgia in late night baking

7:50pm and I have the urge to bake almond pound cake. The recipe is my mother’s and everything about baking almond cake makes me think of her. From the smell of almond extract to licking out the bowl-it has my mother’s kitchen written all over it. But my biggest memory and smile comes at the … More A pinch of nostalgia in late night baking

Memories on Paper

I mentioned in my last post that I had made a pie for D’s birthday.  It was a lemon cream pie with fresh, warm blueberry compote, complete with homemade crust. It was a pie I had never made before but was quite confident I could make. But where did I get the recipe?  From my … More Memories on Paper

Good day to be a duck

I’m camping this weekend with my daughter. Kind of a Mother’s Day bonding weekend. She’s nearly seven and has just developed some attachment issues as of recently. I’m not sure why she has, but I thought this weekend would help. I live in Ontario. This time of year is pretty chilly at night and completely … More Good day to be a duck