In My Eyes

Today is my father’s 65th Birthday. Sixty-five. 65. The big 6-5. A senior citizen. Whoa, hold up, how is this even possible? I’m sure he’s asking himself the same question as he pops his vitamins and gets ready to go to bed at 9 sharp. Happy Birthday Dad. This post is for you. I see … More In My Eyes

Camp kids

A hard top tent trailer, five people, two nights and one chipmunk. We are only a half hour away from home but it feels a world away. The five of us are snug in the tent trailer and at times I wish I had a different trailer but I’m glad we have this time together.  … More Camp kids

Ahhhh kids sports

We seem to not have seasons based on weather anymore. Our seasons are hockey (fall and winter) and baseball and soccer (spring and summer). Not to mention swimming lessons, gymnastics and piano. Our kids are active, which means school work is hastily done, meals are on the run, and scheduling and shuttling kids is never … More Ahhhh kids sports

I draw the line at flossing. I’m a grown woman and I do what I want. 

Oh, don’t try to tell me that you all floss. Don’t tell me that you haven’t tried just flossing for a few days before a dentist appointment and watched your gums bleed like you’ve just murdered someone…in your mouth. Please stop bleeding, I need to go to work.  I’ll make you a deal gums, you … More I draw the line at flossing. I’m a grown woman and I do what I want.