Camp kids

A hard top tent trailer, five people, two nights and one chipmunk. We are only a half hour away from home but it feels a world away. The five of us are snug in the tent trailer and at times I wish I had a different trailer but I’m glad we have this time together.  … More Camp kids

Good day to be a duck

I’m camping this weekend with my daughter. Kind of a Mother’s Day bonding weekend. She’s nearly seven and has just developed some attachment issues as of recently. I’m not sure why she has, but I thought this weekend would help. I live in Ontario. This time of year is pretty chilly at night and completely … More Good day to be a duck

Going camping

It’s that time of year again where people choose to leave the comfort of their home to go and sleep on a tough mattress, swat at bugs, eat over a fire and get lots of fresh air. It’s camping time! I grew up camping with my family. We went from having a tent, to a … More Going camping