Ex husbands and hair dos

Today I had my hair coloured and cut for the second time by a very talented hairdresser who I’ll call B. She spends a great deal of time making sure she has the perfect colours mixed and places the foils like her life depended on it. She and I chat about my daughter and about … More Ex husbands and hair dos

Pain for beauty

What would you say if someone said “I’m going to use a tiny razor blade and make a series of small cuts over and over again on your face while you’re awake…and you’ll pay me for it”. Sounds like torture right?  I did it though. I got my eyebrows microbladed. Why?  I don’t want to … More Pain for beauty

Homemade Body Scrub

I live in a climate where we can see the blazing hot sun in the summer and mountains of snow in the winter.  Currently, we are buried in snow.  The school buses sometimes don’t run and recently we’ve even had the school closed.  With the winter weather comes another unfortunate side-effect….winter skin.  My body is … More Homemade Body Scrub