Pain for beauty

What would you say if someone said “I’m going to use a tiny razor blade and make a series of small cuts over and over again on your face while you’re awake…and you’ll pay me for it”. Sounds like torture right?  I did it though. I got my eyebrows microbladed. Why?  I don’t want to draw in my eyebrows all the time. I’m not happy with how they look naturally. The pain seemed worth it. My eyebrows are naturally at two different heights and not centered to the bridge of my nose. They are a mess. I barely pluck them (only the strays) but they aren’t very full and also stop short of the corner of my eyes. All in all I really dislike them. Most pictures of me are never head on. I’ll always turn my face so you can’t see that my brows are symmetrical. Anyway, I took the plunge today. They will be a mess for a few weeks while they heal (scabs…eww) and then hopefully will only need a touch up!  Pain for beauty. Hopefully worth it. 

Me before. This pic was taken years ago. It’s seriously that hard for me to find a straight on pic. 

Me right after. They won’t be this dark when fully healed. You’ll also notice I still turn my face slightly because I’m so used to doing so. 

I also have a “Katie Holmes” crooked smile. This I’m ok with. 

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