Happy Birthday to the One I Love

D is 41 today. I made him a nice dinner followed by a homemade lemon cream pie with warm blueberry compote. I think a person should be cherished and spoiled on their birthday. I also had a very personal, handmade gift for him. 

A few months ago I contacted a woodworker an hour away from me. I asked him if I designed something similar to a piece of art I’d seen online if he could build it for me.  So, for a few weeks, he and I went back and forth with the design and he created a stunning piece of woodwork for D’s birthday.  I hid the art at my parents place and waited patiently for today. 

I wanted D to have something he would have forever. Something years down the road he could say that I had commissioned this piece just for him. It’s about something standing the test of time-like our relationship. And of course, as a hunter, I chose a deer to be the centerpiece. 

I’m proud as can be about this art. I hope he will appreciate the time and effort that went into it. 

With all my love. 

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