Winter Blahs

oh the weather outside is frightful….

Living in Ontario Canada means we have to put up with all four seasons. Sometimes Mother Nature even lets us have all four seasons in a week. One day it’s sweaters and running shoes, and the next is winter jackets and boots. Currently it is windy, cold and snowy and I’m here to say I’m sick of it. No, literally the weather is making me sick. I’ve had cold after cold  and now the winter blahs are setting in from lack of sunshine. There isn’t much to be done about it. It happens every year and I’ve come to expect to feel this way.

The one difference this winter has been the addition of our dog Bella   She has been a welcome distraction. Winter walks, nightly snuggles and playing on the floor.  She is a complete gooofball and I love her.  My instagram has been taken over by pictures and video of her.

Our lawn on the other hand has suffered greatly from her. When things start to melt there is a mud track around the house and the amount of dog poop is disgusting. However, it does give me a reason to go outside. Glass is half full right?!

Winter in the country is beautiful and desolate all at the same time. It’s magical to watch and also fills me with dread when I see the plow go by and I have to shovel the driveway. It is my reminder to enjoy every moment of spring and summer because as you all know…”Winter is Coming”

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