Death, Taxes, and Laundry

Wtf. I swear I just finished all the laundry. But no…we had to take off our dirty clothes from today and now the basket is half full again. I don’t know what’s worse; death, taxes, or the laundry. 

Laundry has a bunch of steps. Some of the steps I don’t mind so much and others I downright loathe. 

1.  Gathering laundry: Easy Peasy. I could round up socks, pants, towels and bedding all day long. 

2. Sorting and loading the washer: Also not a bad job. My lovely new washer holds tons of clothes

3. Getting the clothes in the dryer:  Sometimes this step doesn’t happen the same day as washing. Thankfully we haven’t had musty smelling clothes!

4. Fluff clothes because I suck at folding right when the dryer turns off and I also hate folding cold clothes. 

5. Folding clothes after repeating number 4 more times than I’d like to admit.  4 was an excuse. I hate folding clothes. I hate figuring out where the damn missing socks are. I hate figuring out whose shirt belongs to who. I just hate it. 

6. Putting clothes away: TORTURE!! I hated putting my clothes away when I was a kid and I still can’t stand it. I could live out of the clean laundry basket until it ran out of clothes. Yes, I’ve done this numerous times. There is no shame in living out of the basket. That’s what I keep telling myself. 

To be honest, out of all the adulting things I have to do as an adult, putting away clothes ranks pretty much up at the top. 

Do you have an adulting job that you hate?  Feel free to share.

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