The Day Nemo Died

It’s been a rather sad day here in our house. Before leaving for work, I went to feed our fish Nemo, and found him dead. Not that there is a good time for these things to happen, but it could have been better timing. The child that owns that fish was still sleeping and I was on my way out the door to work. I looked at the babysitter hoping she had some idea as to what to do but she wasn’t sure how we should handle it either. I couldn’t just ignore the dead fish and hope the kids wouldn’t notice, but I really didn’t have time to deal with an upset child either. I hoped for the best, woke her up and told her I had to tell her something. There were immediate tears upon hearing the news. I’m not talking little sniffles either. She was beside herself, clinging to me for comfort. 

Our pet fish Nemo was atleast three years old. He has lived way longer than I ever expected. I don’t think he died of old age either. We had picked up a new decoration for his tank from the dollar store and I think he was poisoned by it. Can we sue the dollar store for causing harm and the death of a pet?  We should have known better. Poor fish 😦

I handed my daughter off to the babysitter and went to work. I felt quite horrible that I had to leave her in such a state.  She wasn’t ready to flush the fish so I said we would deal with him when I got home.  She has an iPod which she can text me on and part way into my day I received this sad message. 

She worked up enough courage to flush her fish. What a trooper. 

When I got home she was in tears. The sitter said she had been ok for part of the day but from about 3pm on she had been very emotional and wanted her fish back. 

You want to know what makes this even worse?  Her 7th birthday is on Saturday and we are having a Finding Dory theme party. Nemo is dead and we are filling the house up with fish decorations. 

Hopefully she gets over this quickly. She’s pretty soft and emotional so I’m sure it’s going to take some time. 

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