Are you a reader? I don’t mean a blog reader or a newspaper reader, but an honest to goodness bookworm kind of reader. I am. If you are also a bookworm you will feel my pain when I say that I left my Kobo AND my paperback book at work. What am I supposed to do before bed? I could watch tv like most people but that’s just not how I like to unwind. Plus, I’m totally invested in the characters I’ve been reading about and I miss them. I wish to go back inside my head with all those words and find myself in a distant land somewhere. I’m bummed out. I could try reading on my phone but that’s just not the same. Lol. I’m feeing totally unsatisfied by the idea of not reading right now. So much so, that I am blogging about it. Atleast I can hear my own voice in my head as I type. That’s sort of the same thing. Except I already know where this story is going…..sigh….boo.

Anyway, I’m really just trying to prolong the inevitable right now. I’m probably just going to end up reading a few pages of the second book in the series I’m reading just to satisfy my craving. It feels like cheating. I’m going to cheat. 

Goodnight all. 

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