Happy Birthday To Me

It’s my 36th birthday today. The last few days I have tried writing a blog post that encompassed my 36 years on this earth. I’ve erased it four times now. Everything I wrote sounded a tad too cliche. I also don’t think I should be dishing out life advice as I feel I’m still getting my life together. To be honest, I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. 

I went out on a solo kayak trip this morning to a small local lake. A bit of a birthday present to myself. It was my time to reflect and to just take in the world around me.  I watched fish swimming and turtles ducking under the lake weed. A heron flew over me and muskrats swam under my boat. Frogs were croaking and birds were chirping.  And inside my head one word kept popping up. Blessed. 

I have been struggling with a few things these days. Wanting things that aren’t within my grasp. Hard decisions I’ve had to make which have left me feeling a bit sad. Just life stuff really. And while I was out on the water I took a deep breath and realized that despite all those troubles, I am truly blessed. That instead of being dragged down by all the things that I can’t have that I should be raised up by all the things I do have. 

And if I continue on with this blog post it’s just going to turn into a mushy, sentimental, cliche mess so I’ll leave it at this. 

Happy Birthday to Me. 

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