Ye Old Dead Bananas

My counter is where bananas die a slow death. My freezer is their cemetery….that is until I find a way to bring them back to life in some baked goods. 

We are headed out camping tomorrow and I thought I would make some banana muffins for the trip. Then I got this great idea to find a new recipe.  I haven’t packed anything and I’m running around like a mad woman,  and yet now seemed like a great time to stress myself out more with an untested recipe. 

My dead bananas were whipped into a  lovely Cream cheese stuffed banana bread. I made four mini loaves instead of two large loaves. I also accidentally over whipped my cream cheese so it oozed out the sides instead of staying in the middle.  Overall though, I’d call this recipe a win!  Check it out at the following link. 

Cream Cheese Stuffed Banana Bread Recipe
I’m stil not packed for camping and yet I’m blogging right now. Procrastination seems to be the word of the day. 

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