There once was a Gorilla named Harambe

By now, most people have heard about the Gorilla Harambe, who was killed after a three year old child fell into the enclosure at the zoo. And by now, we have all formed some sort of opinion about this. My thoughts are that it is very tragic and sad. And above all else I don’t think it is a decision I would want to make. I have a child, and anyone with a child can attest to the fact that if we thought something or someone was going to potentially hurt our child, we would do whatever it takes to protect our child. Period.   But was Harambe going to hurt the boy?  That’s the real question isn’t it. Unfortunately he was at the wrong place at the wrong time and the odds were not in his favor. 

I have many questions floating around in my head. Should we even have zoos? Should animals be put on display for our enjoyment and in the end suffer through death because they are just acting like an animal is supposed to?  Why do we get to make that call?  The animal was endangered and there are more than enough humans on this earth, and yet we killed the endangered animal. Yup, that thought went through my head.  What would I do if faced with this situation? How can these things be prevented?

Some people live their lives very black and white. They are able to form a solid opinion and stick with it. I on the other hand tend to live in the grey area and play devils advocate with myself. I can see things from all sides. I see this from a mothers’point of view, the zoo’s and the animal’s. In the end though it really was just a tragic situation that doesn’t have an easy answer, that I’m sure of. 

Rest in peace Harambe. 

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