The Start Of A New Chapter

Have you ever had a moment where you realize that things are changing? The page is about to turn and something new is about to begin?  I’m not talking about the big moments like when a relationship ends or something dramatic happens, but just little things accumulating that you know are amounting to something bigger.  

I’ve been having a lot of these little moments lately at home. In the quiet moment with my daughter I see the shape of her face changing, or a new “adult” word come out of her mouth. Sometimes it’s a well put together thought she has that just blows me away. These little moments are tucked in between the fabric of her everyday six year old life. I feel like the page is getting ready to turn and I’m not sure I’m ready. 

I’m not ready. Im excited and petrified. Her friendships will become more complicated. Academics will become more important. Her relationship with me will change. My mother can confirm that we had a rocky go of things when I was a teenager and it pains me to think we could end up on the same road. Haha, she’s nearing seven and I’m worried about the teenage years…maybe I need to stop looking ahead in my story and speculating where we are going to end up!

My step boys are also growing up. Our oldest is ten and he got his first pimple. He’s also been sleeping in later. When asked if they had learned about underarm hair in school yet, he said no. How much do we leave to the school system? How much do we tell him? How much can we rely on his friends to fill him in? I’m hoping he would feel comfortable enough to ask when the time comes, but I’m also hoping he talks to his dad first!

In any case, I fee the slow pull of the page turning whether I’m ready or not. Life has been quite the adventure so far, so I’m sure it will continue to be so. 

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