Ahhhh kids sports

We seem to not have seasons based on weather anymore. Our seasons are hockey (fall and winter) and baseball and soccer (spring and summer). Not to mention swimming lessons, gymnastics and piano. Our kids are active, which means school work is hastily done, meals are on the run, and scheduling and shuttling kids is never ending. I’m not complaining I swear. It’s busy and our kids are happy and active. Goose started soccer last night and is super excited to be involved in a new sport. The boys start baseball tonight which unfortunately is on the same night as swimming but with that coming to an end soon it won’t be quite so hectic.  

I wasn’t a sportsy kind of kid. I tried t ball when I was little but was more concerned with picking dandelions and how my outfit looked. I enjoyed school sports like volleyball and track and field but that was about it. I’m hoping the kids continue on with the sports but also don’t get caught up in competitiveness.  I just want them to have fun. I’m even getting in on the action by volunteering at soccer. If I’m there, I may as well help out. Someone has to make sure the kids look great in their uniforms right!? Kidding! I’m sure I’ll help with drills and keeping all the wee ones rounded up. 

To all the parents out there that are constantly on the run with their kids, I salut you.  I hope you all have an injury free sports season! And to all the amazing coaches and volunteers, I raise my Tim Hortons coffee to you. 

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