A camping trip to remember

It’s been a wonderful weekend of bonding with my daughter and spending time with friends and family.  Today,while most people are back at work, I am curled up in my trailer debating on getting up. Packing the trailer up is a crappy job and I’m procrastinating on starting the process. 

Camping with kids can be a lot of work but it can bring great rewards. We have biked, walked, explored, and huddled around a fire. We have bonded and made time to listen to eachother and that is what counts. 

We do this thing some nights where we list the five best parts of our day and last night  it was heartwarming to hear that all her things included me. This is not lost on me. She is six and she wants time with her mom…even if it is just playing countless games of Uno. 

I love her and am thankful for her every day. 

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