Going camping

It’s that time of year again where people choose to leave the comfort of their home to go and sleep on a tough mattress, swat at bugs, eat over a fire and get lots of fresh air. It’s camping time!

I grew up camping with my family. We went from having a tent, to a tent trailer, to a 34 ft Travelaire. There were games of Yahtzee, ghost stories and marshmallows at night and lots of exploring during the day. Camping was a magical time as a kid. 

Last year I bought my first trailer. It’s a hard top tent trailer that I can haul and set up myself. I wanted to be as self sufficient as possible because D isn’t always able to come camping with me. I’m still working on backing the trailer up, but I’m sure that’ll come with practice. 

I’m going camping this weekend with Goose. It’s Mother’s Day weekend and there is nothing I would like to do more than sit out in nature with my daughter and bond.   It’s a bit of a last minute trip and I have nothing ready to go. I’d be a bit more nervous about this if all five of us were going but with it just being us girls I think we will manage just fine. Walmart is only 10 minutes away and if we are needing anything we can just pop into town. 

I bought myself a new BBQ for the camper and I’m excited to give it a try. After much research I think I’ll be happy with my choice. It’s the Weber 1200 and it comes highly rated. 

Provincial parks in Ontario fill up quickly in the summer but I had no problem getting a site this early in the season. Our site will be surrounded in trees, without a neighbour in sight. Bike trails and the beach are close by and though it’s too cold to go swimming, we will still enjoy the beach as Lake Huron boasts the best sunsets in Ontario. 

I can’t wait to get out to our site on Friday! Let the relaxing begin. 

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