No good terrible day

To say the Pinterest recipe failed would be an understatement. To say the Tenderflake recipe failed would be an understatement. To say I have felt under the weather all day and shouldn’t be baking is an understatement.  Sigh…grumble….

I wanted to make a coconut cream pie for D’s birthday. He likes pie and I’m pretty good at making pies. I couldn’t find my coconut cream pie filling recipe so I turned to Pinterest. The recipe seemed a little different from what my recipe but I figured it would be fine. It wasn’t. It didn’t thicken. I am standing over a hot stove feeling like crap, stirring like a mad woman so the milk won’t burn and also trying to wisk up some cornstarch because I know that’ll fix it. I added too much and when it did thicken it started to look like glue. “OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT” that’s all I was thinking. Take it off the stove and add more milk and hope it doesn’t set into a concrete coconut ball. Sigh…

I also didn’t feel like digging out my dough recipe so I followed the Tenderflake recipe…I think…I’m not so sure because it also became a hot mess. I put the shell in the freezer to set up before putting it in the oven. Once I popped it in the oven the whole thing fell in on itself. More swear words and whip up another crust. Seriously peeved. New shell is in the oven with another pie plate on top so hopefully it doesn’t cave in on itself. 

Nothing has gone to plan and I just want to curl up and sleep. Hopefully my other half realizes I’m in no shape to whip up his birthday dinner.  Sorry babe!

2 thoughts on “No good terrible day

  1. First off most women I know have disastrous baking days kind to yourself. I would have opened a tub of ice cream sprinkle d on some smarties or m & m’s and enjoyed his new birthday cake

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