Baking on Sunday

During the week we try our best to just get dinner on the table by 6pm for the kids. Creativity in meals is put to the wayside during the week while we just opt to try and make something quick, nutritious and a something the kids will eat. I look forward to the weekend when I can look on Pinterest and find new inspiration or just make a favorite dish. Most of these are baked goods as this is where my true happiness lays.   This weekend was so exception. I made banana muffins (practical for lunches) and cinnamon buns. The cinnamon buns I have made before and are so delicious that I seriously want to use profanity when I talk about them. They are the best f’ing buns I have ever eaten. They make me want to say OMG with every bite.  If I didn’t live with other people I’d probably pig out and eat them until I’m sick. 

If you’re feeling like dying a happy sugar death, here is the link to the recipe. 

OMG the best f’ing Cinnamon buns ever!!

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