Honeycomb Toffee

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of baking and cooking recipes on Facebook that include a short video on how easy it is to whip the  dish up. I’m sure you’ve seen these videos too. I have saved a bunch of these videos and the other day I finally got around to making one of the recipes. Admittedly, what I chose wasn’t elaborate or even healthy. I’m pretty sure I actually chose the least healthy recipe haha. Honeycomb toffee is one of those candies that I remember buying as a kid. Later on,the “Crunchie” chocolate bar came out and it still remains one of my favorites. I dug out my candy thermometer (very important for this recipe) and gave it a whirl.

Bad idea. It’s way too easy to make and it tastes amazing. My daughter allowed me to use some of her Easter chocolate to dip the pieces in and it tastes just like a Crunchie bar.

A quick safety note if you plan on making this. Molten sugar is extremely hot and dangerous. Make sure you do not have little ones running around when working with it and be sure you keep an eye on it on the stovetop!

Here is the link:

Honeycomb Toffee

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