If you’re gonna act like an animal…

It’s another night at our dinner table. Three kids under the age of ten and two adults. I’d like to say there is lots of laughing and communicating at our table but for the most part, us adults are just trying to get the kids to eat what’s on their plate and the stories can wait until later. This goes against every fiber of my being but with two slow poke eaters, it would be bedtime if we didn’t lay down the law a little. Once they get older I’m hoping our table will become a lively place for talking about our day. 

With a fairly regimented dinner time, I am absolutely shocked that our kids think they can get away with farting at the table. I’m not talking about the odd squeeker now and then. I’m talking about two little offenders that just seem to wait until dinner to let it all go. Last night this issue finally made our blood boil and one little offender was told to go eat out in the garage. “If you’re gonna act like an animal, you can go out in the garage and eat like one”. I think it may have finally  sunk in that we weren’t just yelling at them for no reason. The little princess decided to let one go after dinner and started to laugh. She was promptly sent to her room. 

I guess I have this hope of raising well mannered children, who we can take out in public without being mortified or using the lame excuse “kids will be kids”.  Before becoming a parent I may have thought it strange and unusual punishment to banish a hold to the garage to eat, but I’ve come to realize that sometimes verbal communication and punishment just doesn’t cut it. 

It’s getting close to dinner time so we will see if we still have little tooters at the table or if they maybe learned their lesson. 

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