Parenting is so much more than parenting….

You know when you’re contemplating getting a puppy and your mind is pretty much just thinking about the awesome puppy stage? The reality is, you really don’t think too much about what you’re going to do with that dog when you go away or when it gets sick and there are massive vet bills. Or when your job relocates you and you now have to figure out what to do with said dog.  Having kids is kind of the same thing. You get this idea that you want a baby, but the reality of taking care of a human past the baby stage is a bit of an abstract, way in the future, kind of thought. 

Seven years ago when I was in my last trimester, I was definitely only thinking about the baby stage. I had no idea what I was in store for. Every stage with kids brings its own set of challenges and rewards. What I was most naive about though, was the sheer amount of work kids can be. Take today for example. I got up, got cereal for one kid, got two others up and got bowls in front of them. While they ate, I had a shower then got clothes out for my youngest. While my moisturizer was sinking into my skin, I put lunches into backpacks. Then I did my makeup and hair and got dressed. I then did my daughters hair and got everyone to brush their teeth. Out the door we go to the bus stop. Now I get to go to work for a full day. I get home, have dinner (which my other half made) do dishes, keep telling two kids to finish their meals, and when one is done, she reads me her three homework books. I still have one kid at the table trying to eat, and his dad just left with his brother for hockey. Before I got home he sanded a wall in the bedroom and there was plaster dusk everywhere, so while he takes a kid to hockey I am left with vacuuming and sweeping the whole upstairs to get rid of the dust and clean up crumbs under the kitchen table. I’ve also put my daughter in the tub and slow poke eater is now ready to start his homework. While he starts that, I fold a load of laundry and get another load in the wash. I help little dude with some homework and then I get my daughter out of the tub and blow dry her hair. I get my step son to help me put away their laundry and then put two more baskets of laundry away on my own. Oh right, I also managed to get one lunch made and put away the mound of dinner dishes. It’s nearly 8pm at this point and the little lady needs to go to bed. My other half comes in with the other son who won his hockey game and he gets started on two more lunches. 

Are you getting what I’m trying to get at? Kids are a ton of work! Living in a house with a spouse and three kids is a monumental, never ending gong show of eating, nagging, lunch making, cleaning, taxiing, homework helping, and getting to do something for yourself for maybe five minutes at the end of the day. I honestly don’t remember what it’s like to just sit and not have a list going on in my head. I pretty much feel like I’m forgetting to do something if I have time to just sit. 

I love my life. I love my kids. I love my man. And maybe I even love the craziness a little bit. But I definitely don’t love making lunches lol. 

If you’re contemplating starting a family I suggest you not think too hard about the future. It’ll come whether you’re ready for it or not. You’ll somehow make it all come together and maybe you’ll enjoy the craziness as much as I do. It makes the quiet moments much more enjoyable, I can tell you that for sure!  Enjoy the quiet time before baby comes, enjoy every moment of the baby stage and find your groove with the rest of it. 

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