Fuller House is full of disappointment and vulgarity. 

Having been a child of the 80’s, I grew up tuning in to Full House. A somewhat cheesy, family friendly comedy from what I recall. When I heard that Netflix was going to bring the show back for a short run, I imagined it to have a similar feel. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong. The house was the same, the catch phrases were the same, but the show felt like it had been smeared with smut. 

I sat down with my young daughter in anticipation of the show, and within the first few minutes I felt as though I should have turned it off. Stephanie Tanner’s boobs were hanging out, Steve was trying to hook back up with the widowed DJ, and Danny Tanner and his girlfriend were making crude comments to eachother. 

Is this what the writers were intending? Were they trying to ‘keep up with the times’ by creating a sexually charged family show?  I don’t generally feel strongly enough to weigh in on tv shows but I found Fuller House to be tacky, crude, and totally beneath the abilities of the actors and actresses involved. 

Not wanting to judge the show based on the first episode, I sat down and watched a few more. Sadly, it only got worse. It was like watching a train wreck. The third episode involved the girls going out for girls’ night. Skimpy outfits, drinking tequila and pairing off with strange men at a bar were only a few of the highlights. Again, with a young daughter, I felt totally uncomfortable having the tv on around her. 

To be fair, I did not do my research beforehand to see if this reincarnation was intended for young audiences or for us 30 something’s to revisit our childhood. In the end, I’m not sure it matters who it was intended for. It’s inappropriate for young viewers and it’s uncomfortable and disappointing to watch as a Full House fan. 

The show had every opportunity to be classy and wholesome while still being relevant in 2015, but missed the mark by more than a mile. The show didn’t require sex to sell itself, and it’s really a shame that some writers felt it did. 

I’ve only watched three episodes and should I decide I need to feel uncomfortable, I may tune in again, but it’s unlikely. 

One thought on “Fuller House is full of disappointment and vulgarity. 

  1. Thank you. I watched the first four or five episodes last night with my husband and I just didn’t like it. I even pointed out to him that I don’t remember all the double entrendres from the original show. We don’t have kids and sexual stuff doesn’t usually bother me but when its a kid’s show doing it, it just comes off as creepy. I also didn’t like how they try to copy whole scenes from the original show. Once was cute but to continue doing it was boring. If I wanted to repeatedly watch old scenes I would watch the original show. I won’t be continuing to this show. It’s not what I was expecting nor want.


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