Canadian Winter

Depending on where you live in Canada, winter can be pretty snowy and cold.  Winter got off to a late start where we live but it’s quickly making up for lost time.  Last week the kids had three snow days and this week they had one.  Roads have been closed, and the blowing wind has kept visibility at a minimum.

winterabbyFor some, winter is an awful time of year.  For the majority of children though, winter is a time of exploration and physical activity.  The sleds and shovels come out, as do the neighborhood kids.  Forts are built, sled runs are perfected, and parents wait inside to make hot chocolate and to dry all the hats, mitts, scarves, snow pants and wet socks! We are no exception in this household.

While I shoveled our driveway out, my young daughter took to the mound of snow at the end of the driveway her grandfather had piled up with the plow and had some good old fashioned fun.  While I huffed and puffed and cleared the snow away, she happily sledded.  Once the driveway was clear, I grabbed my camera and caught a few precious pictures to remember the day by.  A happy child, a toothless grin, and a blustery winters’ day.

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