Knit Knit Purl


This past year I took up knitting as a hobby.  I needed a hobby that I could pick up when things were quiet and put down when things became busy.  I’m a mother, so quiet and busy can happen within minutes of each other.  One minute the kids have decided to go out and play (yippy!!) and the next, someone is back inside in tears because someone else isn’t playing fair (roll eyes…sigh).

My mother taught me the basics of casting on stitches and how to knit and purl and YouTube has pretty much taught me any other stitches I’ve needed along the way.  I am by no means an expert knitter, but I do enjoy my time alone with my needles and wool.

Recently, I decided that I wanted a few small projects to keep me occupied (because starting a blog wasn’t challenging enough). I’ve taken up knitting dish cloths because they knit up quick and our cloths have seen better days.

Cotton yarn is inexpensive and comes in a multitude of colours.  Before Christmas I knit up some single colour cloths and gave them away for Christmas gifts. After Christmas I purchased a $10 big ball of multi-colour yarn as I plan on making a whole slew of cloths.

Dish cloths are a great introduction to newbie knitters.  There are lots of patterns out there to choose from with varying degrees of difficulty. I will post which patterns I used in a later blog entry so for now if you’re interested in giving knitting a try, check out Pinterest for lots of ideas!

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